Done For You Process Writing

June 08, 2021 - by Michael - in Business Process Implementation, Implementing a Process, SOP and Management Software, Systemization Service

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In March, I received an email from Greg Gunther about their Done For You process writing service. The email talked about how in 3 months Greg can get a businesses’ mission critical processes documented. That sounded pretty interesting to me so I got back in touch with Greg to see if this was a service

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Control Your Referral Process

April 18, 2021 - by Michael - in Business Process Implementation, SOP and Management Software, Systemization Service

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Download this process from the TouchStone Process Library, implement it and start growing your sales consistently and reliably. A great way to grow your business is through referrals, testimonials and case studies. And yet most of the business owners we speak with tell us this is rarely done actively. They don’t have a process for

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Procedure software for small business

How to Implement Processes… so employees know what’s expected of them and how to achieve those expectations…

September 24, 2020 - by Michael - in SOP and Management Software

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I had a Zoom call with a client last week. I recorded the call. Our client was frustrated because they’d spent a lot of time getting their processes written up but they weren’t implemented, they weren’t being used. I asked if I could record the call because it is an issue experienced by at least

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