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The Quick Start Program is designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible WHILE you are working in your business. One of our certified consultants will meet with you and your staff to build the systemic infrastructure of your business.

This will include:
Creating your Organization Chart. Identifying, organizing and prioritizing your procedure list. Creating Job Descriptions for each position on your Org Chart.

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Studies show that having documented operating processes and job descriptions can double the value of your business. The challenge is getting them documented?

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Why Your Organization Needs Standard Operating Procedures Software

It provides consistency

With SOP documentation software, each employee can perform each task based on consistent standards. There would be no guesswork since everything is well documented on the platform. It also improves the quality of work.

It helps you reduce operational errors

Using the best small business SOP management software, you can set specific instructions on how to perform a task. This will let anyone take over a task whenever the original assignee can’t attend to it. It will reduce expensive errors along the way.

It allows your team to communicate

With organizational software for small business, your employees can communicate and access instructions at the same time. This saves time and resources, especially for small-scale businesses. Also, SOPs get updated as new information is acquired.

Never lose a document anymore

All of your company or organization’s important guides and manuals are deposited in SOP documentation software. This way, you won’t lose any documentation, information, or knowledge over the years. This makes training very easy.

Implement SOPs faster and efficiently

Instead of printing hard copies and distributing it manually, you can implement your SOP more quickly using the best small business SOP management software. Also, your employees won’t have any excuse when it comes to following company rules.

Get each member accountable

Using the SOP software, you can monitor the performance of each employee. Use checklists and notes to identify which members aren’t meeting deadlines. You can also quickly mitigate problems by encoding new inputs on your SOP.

What Benefits Will You Get with SOP Software?

A reduced learning curve

With the use of SOP creation software, you can now cut the learning curve for new staff and new positions. Since your employees will have access to step-by-step documentation, they can take over a specific task whenever the initially assigned employee can’t report to work.

Streamlining your processes

When a policy and clear instructions are in place, your employees will not be at a loss on how to perform specific tasks. This streamlined process makes organizational software for small business an indispensable tool for businesses. It reduces downtimes, plus it boosts the productivity of the employees.

Continuity of your business

Whenever someone can’t report to work or goes AWOL, the SOP will be the tool for another employee to take over. This way, nothing falls into the cracks and your business continues to operate no matter what. Still, you should ensure that access is available whenever it’s needed.

Easier onboarding

If you have newly hired employees, it’s easier to get them on board if you already have an SOP in place. This will serve as their manual, which cuts the exhausting process of repetitive training, which also compromises the time and resources of other employees. It also makes the position easy to understand for new staff members.

The convenience of delegating tasks

Since you have an instructional guide in place, you can easily assign tasks to an employee. You can attach access to the SOP, so you no longer have to explain in length what the specific job is about. Also, it’s important to update the SOP to avoid confusion and loss of knowledge.

How Procedure Documentation Software Helps You in Managing Your Employees

Procedure documentation software can help disseminate information, instructions, and policies among your employees. Instead of handing print-outs, SOP documentation software allows your employees to access the documents wherever they are, whenever they want. 

SOP documentation software also streamlines your workplace operations by assigning the right people to each specific task. It also speeds up the completion of tasks since you can provide detailed instructions for each assignment.

You can also use this tool to monitor employees, so you know who is performing well and who isn’t up to scratch. As a result, you can quickly pinpoint the areas that require improvement and training.

With SOP software, you or your employees will never be out of the loop again. You can easily monitor their work without micromanaging, and they are clear on what they need to do.

In addition, procedure documentation software lets you quickly train new hires without having to spend much time away from your own tasks. With documents and instructions clear and easily accessible, new employees will have a huge head start on their tasks.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to SOP software and procedure documentation, Business Design Corporation is the market leader. Our well-crafted and sophisticated technology allows organizations to monitor, streamline, and revamp their workplaces and dramatically improve their operations. With our software, everything in your organization is just a few clicks away.

What is Organizational Software and How its Helps You to Achieve Goals

Organizational software for small business helps in strategic planning within all aspects of your company’s operation. It’s also an effective goal-setter with the SOP directing the course of your business.

With an SOP in place, everyone in your organization is on the same page. It allows them to check-in easily and to have access to new information in real-time.

Most of all, an SOP keeps everyone accountable. It allows you, the managers, and the supervisors to keep track of regular quotas and compliance. And with your employees viewing their own performance, productivity will spike.

Organizational software also reduces business-related stress. It allows you to focus on each task before jumping into another one. Such a tool also gives you the benefit of organizing your priorities, both for your personal tasks and your team as a whole.

With your goals properly aligned, your team can execute the process easily. It saves you time, money, and energy.

Things to Know About SOP Software

An SOP software for small business is a must-have for every business, big or small. It streamlines all the details and processes of your business for a smooth-sailing operation. It takes the guesswork out of your organization so you can realize better returns and promote a more productive workplace.

Remember, any task needed to be done more than once should be well-documented. This is where organizational software comes in. In this platform, you can create charts, lists, and detailed instructions for every task involved in your operation.

This tool is a great way to make everyone accountable. It will help prevent costly mistakes and productivity roadblocks that most companies overlook.

What is the Difference Between SOP and Procedure?

SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures are a set of procedures or policies involved in carrying out a task. In short, a procedure is a component of an SOP. Such procedures serve as guidelines to an employee on how to perform a task, the resources required, the output expected, and the individuals involved in it.

For an organization to come up with an SOP, they have to identify their procedures first. From there, you will be able to draw a comprehensive step-by-step SOP.

Procedure documentation software allows an organization to create an organized SOP quickly and effectively. It prevents confusion and makes everything standardized in order to produce the same outcome time after time.

SOPs promote a ‘by-the-book’ approach to the operation of an organization. To ensure that the SOP remains relevant, it is the management’s responsibility to keep each procedure updated.

What should an SOP contain?

A standard operating procedure should contain step-by-step processes, the scope of the process, process inputs, and the individuals involved, among others. There should be a defined audience for the process to prevent confusion within the organization.

SOPs should also include regulatory requirements, standards, local codes, and other compliance requirements.

Lastly, it should include troubleshooting steps if problems occur in the execution of the process. You can use the best small business SOP software to make a well-defined and well-written SOP in no time at all. You’ll also be able to store it online so it can be accessed by staff when and where they need it.


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