What Touchstone Can Do For Your Business

TouchStone is built to solve small business’s biggest problems. If you’re looking for smarter ways to organize your existing processes, ways to scale as you grow or simply get your employees to do what they need to do, the powerful Touchstone system can help.

Four Key Functions – Process Outline

It is easy to identify processes using our process organization hierarchy. The drag and drop interface makes development and organization easy. Color coding of process completion status helps to manage your process documentation completion. Copy from process libraries for examples of best practices.


Process Documentation Tools and Templates

Thoroughly document business processes using standardized templates and tools. All tools include hyperlinks that will connect to any other part of TouchStone or to external websites. All tools allow for images as well as text.

  • Work Plans: A step-by-step detailed tasks and expectations that demonstrate workflow and show how a process is accomplished.
  • Check Lists: Document tasks, standards, actions that need to be checked off and verified for quality control.
  • Scripts: Document conversations, frequently asked questions, response modules, answers to objections anything that is expressed verbally.
  • Uploaded Files: Upload Excel, Word, Power Point and PDF files that are used in the process.
  • Documents: Create printable forms or text documents to assist in inputting and storing information related to the process.
  • Custom Forms: Create web forms to capture information related to a work process, create process tests and use the custom forms electronically inside of TouchStone.
  • Policy Notes: Document important policies and rules related to the process and the company overall.
  • Audio Upload: Upload audio files for training on how the process is supposed to sound.
  • Video Upload: Upload videos that demonstrate how the process visually runs.

Organizational Chart with Linked Job Descriptions.


Create and use a dynamic organizational chart. One click to linked Job Descriptions for every position on your chart. Job Descriptions hold a listing of all the documented processes that position is accountable for.


Use our starting template then customize and build your own chart. Each box on the chart is linked to a Job Description for that position. Drag and drop interface makes development easy. Export to Word, PDF, email. Operating Manual creation for every position.


Control Panels for Implementation and Compliance

The Control Panel provides users the ability to inter-actively follow, track and complete their processes as part of their daily work. Specific process tools inside a process can be opened as trackable copies. When a user clicks on a Process Tool in the Control Panel, a copy of that tool is created for an employee to use. Employees can complete and save work plans, check lists, forms and more.

The Process Tool Copies are saved in a completed folder archived by date and can be searched or reports can be run and retrieved for management review.

The Control Panel also displays the date the Process Tool Master was last updated and indicates if specific users have been trained in that process.

The Control Panel gives employees direct access to their processes. It keeps them focused on the orchestrated processes that need to be followed, thereby eliminating costly errors and lag time.

Management Review for Analysis and Training

Managing employees thoroughly is essential in every business. Employees are best managed with and through their written, orchestrated processes for which they are accountable. The Management Review feature in TouchStone allows managers to review the work their reporting employees are doing and it ensures processes are being followed. Managers can also track that employees have been thoroughly trained.

Any time there is a problem or break down in the work employees are doing, management review gives managers a way to point directly at the processes that were being used and take corrective action by changing the process or re-training the staff member.


Run Reports on Completed Work

Run filtered reports of your own Control Panel activities or of employees’ activities with Management Review Reports. All reports are a hyperlinked list to the exact completed items searched.


User Access Restrictions & Permissions

Create unlimited users. Users log-in and have access to appropriate processes. Restrict and set access rights to users, set as Read, Edit or Create access to processes.

How an SOP Software Can Benefit Your Business


Reduce Expensive Errors

With the best small business SOP management software, you can avoid costly mistakes due to problematic instructions. Your business will also get to reduce operational cost since an SOP will streamline all the processes and tasks involved.

Get Your Operation Running no Matter What

Did someone call in sick? With SOP creation software, you can input all the processes involved in accomplishing a task. This way, someone can take over to keep your business running no matter what happens to the initially assigned employee.

Streamlined Training

Hiring new employees? Business process documentation software will let you train new employees easily. They can access instructions, guides, and manuals all in one place. This also lets you re-train your staff for new skills.


Implement New Instructions Faster

If you need to implement a company-wide rule, adding it to your organizational software for a small business will make information dissemination faster. You can tap the help of managers and supervisors to discuss the new instructions on their teams.

Get Things Done the Right Way

A clear SOP will let you distribute the way a task should be done. This way, each employee will know how to accomplish a certain process properly. It will prevent any second takes, which will consume resources, time, and effort.

Ensure Compliance at All Times

The best small business SOP management software will allow you to monitor the compliance of each employee. Instead of manually checking, your SOP will serve as the watchdog of your company’s standards.


Top Features of SOP Software

Here at Touchtone, we offer you the following features on our procedure documentation software. We guarantee organized workflow and ease of creating your business’ SOP.

Process Organization Hierarchy

We have a drag and drop platform that lets you organize the hierarchy of positions in your company. This is an important start when creating an SOP so your employees will know who to contact and to whom they should raise their concerns. We have simple design software for small businesses. 

Sharing and Permissions

With our sharing and permissions feature, you can now select the employees who will have access to specific files. This way, you can protect your privacy and guard the most important information about your company.


Document Control Workflow

With this feature, you can identify who, how, and when a certain document is updated. Everything is transparent and you can check who’s complying with the SOP and those who do not. This feature also streamlines all your documents all in one place.

Free SOP Templates

Are you new to SOP creation software? Our SOP software comes with free templates that you can use to craft your SOP. No need to search and look on the web for the format that works for you. Everything is built within the system.

Document Uploading

Our SOP documentation software gives you the freedom to upload document, image, audio, and video files. This way, your employees can easily comply with the SOP through comprehensive resources. It’s a one-stop information portal for everyone.

Work Plans

By coming up with a work plan, you can outline the responsibilities and expectations for every position in your company. This also includes the process of accomplishing a task and more.

How a Business Process Documentation Software Can Help You to Achieve Goals


It’s all about organization

The biggest thing that procedure documentation software does is organizing your operation. It removes the paper clutter and the confusion due to inefficient systems. With an organized and streamlined process, your employees can be more productive. This boosts your bottom line, not to mention reducing overhead costs.

Run reports in real-time

On the control panel of your SOP documentation software, you get to run reports in real-time. Also, you can see here what your employees are doing and what they have accomplished over a period of time. It makes assessment way easier and faster. Also, the reports are hyperlinked to the completed items, allowing you to check the outputs right away.


Reduce errors on your operation

Mistakes can be costly, especially for large organizations. But with the best procedure documentation software, you can prevent them from happening. Your employees will have a precise reference for each task, so there’s no excuse not to do it right. Aside from that, you no longer have to micromanage your staff just to ensure that things are getting done correctly.

Hold your employees accountable

With a clear and detailed process and task assignment, you can check if your employees are performing well. This way, you can also identify who makes mistakes and where training can be utilized. An SOP documentation software also allows you to conduct performance appraisal without the need to dig on your employees’ records.

Make information dissemination convenient

With SOP software, everything can be accessed online. This way, you can disseminate memos, training materials, announcements, and more easily. Aside from that, your employees can access it anytime, not to mention the access settings you can control.

Key Points Every Small Business SOP Software Should Have


Document workflow process

When it comes to SOP creation software, small businesses should look for an efficient workflow process. It should include tools for collaboration, creation, editing, adjustments, approval, and so on. These functions foster productivity and ease of use among your employees.

You also have to ensure that the software makes it easy to find and file documents.

Sharing and permissions

If you’re working on multiple projects and within multiple teams, your business process documentation software should have a sharing option. This will lock away other employees who are not working on the project. It also secures confidential confirmation and prevents data breach within your organization.


Writing manuals

Writing manuals create a standard operating procedure easier. You don’t have to start from scratch since the software has built-in templates you can use. It’s also important that the software has file and video resources so business owners can implement it easily within their teams.


Most of all, organizational software for small businesses should be intuitive. It should be simple and functional at the same time, so the employees won’t have to spend long hours figuring out how the system works.

If you can’t learn the software with minimal guidance, your employees likely won’t either.

What TouchStone Software offers for every small business

Our SOP creation software offers a feature-packed documentation tool for small businesses. It takes the guesswork out of your operations. With our software, you can designate tasks and create a procedure so every employee will know what to do. It’s also a great training material for new hires.


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