Help to Get Your Business Organized

Pros: Easy to use but more importantly is the ease in how it got our business organized. TouchStone is so well thought out. The customer support is crucial and the passion the people there have for what they do makes a big difference. That is important to us because a lot of companies out there are not helpful and you have to figure out everything yourself.

Cons: Can not think of any - just the time it takes but all systems take time to do it right.

Alternatives Considered: Traction ERM

Reasons for Choosing TouchStone Business System: Mainly the logic behind it and customer service

Benefits: Got my money's worth and we can see that as we grow it will continue to keep us on top of our business.

Kirk Peck
LaserCycle USA
How to Develop Your Business

What I love about TouchStone is the flexibility it provides to accommodate any business and the structure it provides for organization.
Dan Pestretto
SOD, Inc.
Making an EMyth Business Easier

Pros: Being familiar with developing and documenting business processes I found that the ease of use and intuitive functionality made the chore far easier. The pre-populated resources are a great benefit and serve as a guide of sorts. It feels like it is an integral part of my business operations with great features like accessibility options and permissions. Reasons for Choosing TouchStone Business System: Combination of pricing, features and the EMyth orientation. Benefits: Documenting business systems, or processes, is labor intensive and mind-numbing. With TouchStone, the entire process is streamlined and tracking progress, assigning tasks, and storing work is a breeze.
Bobby Burns
Real Fresh Content
Touchstone is an amazing Tool

Pros: The personal support at Touchstone is great. Touchstone’s library of sample process is extremely helpful. To have all of our documents, processes and documentation for the company in one place is more than we can ask for. Plus the ability to upload documents, Videos to add in training is extremely useful. Michael and Shannon created Training videos, webinars with a clear structure to locate the needed resources. Most of all it is in sync with the Emyth Program we are following. Benefits: We are solving the lack of systems documentation in our business. The biggest benefits are: 1. Each position in the company has its strategic, tactical, job description, policies, training, workflow clearly outlined. 2. We can make changes at any time and not worry. We are loving it.
Christopher Patrick
COO, CKIM Group Inc
I Recommend Touchstone to my Clients

Pros: I like the software’s comprehensiveness, ease of use, systems library for editing to accelerate completion. Like any software, the user must be dedicated to using it, although Business Design Corp offers systems writing for those who are not equipped to complete the systemization on their own. Benefits: My clients solve the problem of inconsistent performance and being a prisoner of their own business.
Robert Garibay
Business Growth Expert,Clarity Pro

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