A must-have for every business

I like that it's easy to customize every aspect of the program. It's also nice that whatever you do, you're able to go in and restore it. The instructors are experts in this program.

I haven't found anything that I don't like. I will say that at first, it does feel like it's a lot to get. But I recommend working on it daily.

We wanted a functional, easy-to-use program, that helps us keep everything together and where other people in our company can also log on.

We are planning on expanding into different states. Having this program will make replicating our system and processes so much smoother.
Gretchen T
Love Touchstone and what it can do for our business!

I like that it organizes our processes in one place. It is simple to use and very effective!

It was suggested to us by our NEXSTAR family!

The customer support is amazing and always there to help! Great experience so far!!!
Marybeth W
Office Manager
With Ease

The Touchstone Software, although it is in the early stages for us, I believe it will be a very valuable and user-friendly tool for our corporation. We are in desperate need of protocols that are documented, and this software is the perfect addition.
Deborah K
HR Manager
Touchstone Review

Having one place to keep all of our documentation is awesome. And we love the library of forms and procedures already created. That helped us to transition more easily.

The most difficult thing for us is taking the time to get familiar with all aspects and to remember to go to Touchstone instead of the myriad of notepads and physical documents (breaking bad habits).

Having the training sessions as opposed to just "poking around" on my own was instrumental in learning the value of a system like this. I found Touchstone 10 years ago while doing my own research and finally I am getting to experience it here, where it is all implemented in a complete system, ready to use.
Lecia D
President & Founder
TouchStone review

The best feature is that it provides a platform to create and run a process-driven business. This enables growth, consistency, and adherence to the company's mission and culture.

It can be challenging to learn at first. Requires someone to make a commitment of time and energy to champion its use.

The support by TouchStone is excellent! We have used it successfully to create process-driven systems that enable growth and maintain a great culture and maintain consistency.
John L S

The way it organizes the 4 basic elements in a company, and from them, you can understand where to locate every single task or process you do in your business. It´s really clarifying-

You have to invest time in the system to understand how it works