A must-have for every business

I like that it's easy to customize every aspect of the program. It's also nice that whatever you do, you're able to go in and restore it. The instructors are experts in this program.

I haven't found anything that I don't like. I will say that at first, it does feel like it's a lot to get. But I recommend working on it daily.

We wanted a functional, easy-to-use program, that helps us keep everything together and where other people in our company can also log on.

We are planning on expanding into different states. Having this program will make replicating our system and processes so much smoother.
Gretchen T
Love Touchstone and what it can do for our business!

I like that it organizes our processes in one place. It is simple to use and very effective!

It was suggested to us by our NEXSTAR family!

The customer support is amazing and always there to help! Great experience so far!!!
Marybeth W
Office Manager
With Ease

The Touchstone Software, although it is in the early stages for us, I believe it will be a very valuable and user-friendly tool for our corporation. We are in desperate need of protocols that are documented, and this software is the perfect addition.
Deborah K
HR Manager
Touchstone Review

Having one place to keep all of our documentation is awesome. And we love the library of forms and procedures already created. That helped us to transition more easily.

The most difficult thing for us is taking the time to get familiar with all aspects and to remember to go to Touchstone instead of the myriad of notepads and physical documents (breaking bad habits).

Having the training sessions as opposed to just "poking around" on my own was instrumental in learning the value of a system like this. I found Touchstone 10 years ago while doing my own research and finally I am getting to experience it here, where it is all implemented in a complete system, ready to use.
Lecia D
President & Founder
TouchStone review

The best feature is that it provides a platform to create and run a process-driven business. This enables growth, consistency, and adherence to the company's mission and culture.

It can be challenging to learn at first. Requires someone to make a commitment of time and energy to champion its use.

The support by TouchStone is excellent! We have used it successfully to create process-driven systems that enable growth and maintain a great culture and maintain consistency.
John L S

The way it organizes the 4 basic elements in a company, and from them, you can understand where to locate every single task or process you do in your business. It´s really clarifying-

You have to invest time in the system to understand how it works and make the most of it.

I have received all the possible help from the team, moreover even before I asked for some help. Then, they give you lots of extra valuable resources, and weekly training is great.
Roser P
General Manager
Making an EMyth Business Easier

Being familiar with developing and documenting business processes I found that the ease of use and intuitive functionality made the chore far easier. The pre-populated resources are a great benefit and serve as a guide of sorts. It feels like it is an integral part of my business operations with great features like accessibility options and permissions.

It is more than sufficient and fairly intuitive and user-friendly. The learning curve is a little steep, but that can vary from user to user.

Documenting business systems, or processes is labor-intensive and mind-numbing. With TouchStone, the entire process is streamlined and tracking progress, assigning tasks, and storing work is a breeze.
Bobby B
TouchStone Business System

TouchStone is easy to use but more importantly, I like the way it organizes our business. It's well thought out. Customer support is crucial and the passion the TouchStone staff have for what they do makes a big difference. That is important to us because a lot of companies out there are not helpful and you have to figure out everything yourself.

Got my money's worth and we can see that as we grow it will continue to keep us on top of our business.
Kirk P
Touchstone is an amazing Tool

The personal support at Touchstone is great. Touchstone's library of sample processes is extremely helpful. To have all of our documents, processes, and documentation for the company in one place is more than we can ask for.

Plus the ability to upload documents and videos to add to our training is extremely useful.

We are solving the lack of systems documentation in our business. The biggest benefits are:
  1. Each position in the company has its strategic, tactical, job description, policies, training, workflow clearly outlined.
  2. We can make changes at any time and not worry. We are loving it.
Chris P
I Recommend Touchstone to my Clients

I like the software's comprehensiveness, ease of use, and systems library for editing to accelerate completion.

Users must be dedicated to using it, although Business Design Corp offers systems writing for those who are not equipped to complete the systemization on their own.

My clients solve the problem of inconsistent performance and being a prisoner of their own business.
Robert G
Business Growth Expert and Coach
A company that understands how to grow your business

This software along with the training helped to take my business from a hard to control business to a process-driven business.

I chose Touchstone because it does what I need for it to do and because of the training that went along with it as well.

It's helping me turn my business into a process-driven business that I have more control over. The staff are wonderful to work with.
Lawrence A
Could not run a business without it

It is the only tool available to properly organize a business & its systems. Google drive, dropbox, etc do not work as Touchstone does!

It takes a bit to get the hang of it but once you do it's easy to use and teach.

We use it to organize our business as well as our clients. We always look at a business as a chain with many systems and processes throughout it and without Touchstone, there is no other way to organize, train, hold accountable and properly grow a business. We have tried for over 30 years and Touchstone is the hands-down winner!
Brad C
Managing Director
Member Services Representative

Offers our members the groundwork of policies and procedures for their law firms.

I was not originally trained by Touchstone staff. If I had been it would have been easier.
Darlene H
Member Services Representative
Process Improvement

Touchstone allows us to create, organize and refine our processes. It is an invaluable tool for our business and something we utilize daily.
David S
Chief Viral Officer
A system for writing systems

Easiest way I've found to create and organize systems.

Touchstone makes one of the most important activities in the business easy. Every business needs systems to do well and TouchStone is a system for writing systems
Martin H
The Best in the Industry

Easiest way I've found to create and organize systems

Working with Touchstone is fantastic. The software is robust, intuitive and really has a lot to offer. The more you interact with the software, the more you realize how much it can keep your business on track. It overlooks nothing.

I like everything about it. If it doesn't work for you, you simply aren't using the software enough.

Touchstone really covers all bases of your business. It covers everything that you would learn in places such as E-Myth and more. It allows you to see areas of your business where you should and could systematize, develop processes and systems and document them. Even areas of your business that you may not have been paying attention to or been aware of will be brought to your attention.

The best part of working with Touchstone is the staff. It becomes obvious quickly, that the staff cares about the experience of their clients. They are always ready to help.
Scott K
Touchstone Processes in an Automobile Dealership

The Touchstone system teaches how important structure is in an organization and sets responsibilities for each job level in the dealership.

The top managers are responsible for those who work under his/her direction and have methods to evaluate the performance of each employee based on the definition of the job and work plans that fall under that position.

Job descriptions are actually all of the processes that are assigned to the position. The system not only defines the jobs but allows management to create work plans that have processes clearly listed in sequential order.

The system also allows inserting pictures, documents, links to outside sources, and many other techniques into the processes. These make excellent training resources and references for employees if they forget a process.

So, the system introduces structure, teaching and assessing methods, and job descriptions in a concise organized easily accessed manner. We have only scratched the surface of all that Touchstone can do for our dealerships. We are striving for standardization of all the jobs at all of the stores so that employees can move from store to store and feel comfortable at each one.

I enjoy adding graphics and examples to each process and the results are great. But it is time-consuming for employees like me who have many other duties. Time management is one of the by-products of the system, and I have not mastered that yet. It is worth the effort to have the business organized so that new employees can easily see their duties. But building the system takes time and commitment. However, eventually, the system will save everyone time.

Job definitions are very important, teaching new employees and evaluating their progress in areas such as sales and customer service, and standardization of jobs throughout our organization are all possible with the Touchstone system.

The support from the TouchStone team cannot be outdone by any other. Weekly tutoring by a Touchstone instructor and web-based tutorials are available. Tutorials are updated often. There are also easily accessible examples of other business plans that can be incorporated into a new customer's plan.
Kathleen W
The Power Of Processes

I have cut my training time down by two-thirds to create productive employees. It now takes 1 month instead of three.

I purchased it for its simplicity and it is simple. The support you get from the Touchstone Team is incredible. Whenever you are unsure of anything they are there to resolve your questions.
Ian M
CEO Streetsmart Business School
Best Practice Library

The best practices library was helpful and gave us a good head start, its easier when you don't have to invent the wheel.
OIivia L
Best organizational tool on the web

Simplicity. So easy to use

Awesome tool. Super easy to use. The organizational chart was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

The ability to create job descriptions so quickly really made creating my chart simple.

The best practices library is so unique and helpful. As a General Building Contractor, the ability to quickly and easily organize our processes is essential! This is a must-have for any small business.
Dave E

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