Build stronger client relationships by expanding your services to include TouchStone

Deliver results to your clients with cutting edge solutions that drive their success.

Interested in offering TouchStone to your clients with complete autonomy? White label TouchStone and bundle your services with our software.

Create a dependable recurring revenue stream, retain clients, and build credibility as a process documentation expert.  Provide innovative solutions that set you apart. You’ll also be trained in the software so you can introduce to your clientele with confidence. You will have the exclusive ability to create your own private library of processes, business strategies and tools. Your private library will  be available inside of  your clients TouchStone accounts creating a innovative  modern delivery method.

Recurring Revenue

Package and price services based on what’s best for your business, and bill your clients directly as an authorized reseller. Charge clients for your private process library. Use TouchStone as a consulting tool to assist in building a processes dependent business. Earn even more revenue by a Process Documentation service for you clients, document their processes for them, we will teach you how, for free!

Benefits & Resources

  • An new recurring revenue channel
  • Access to our Best Practices Library and Coaching Program’s
  • Participation in private strategic business webinars and TouchStone demonstrations
  • Ability to create Private Process Library
  • Online lead registration form
  • Co-branded marketing resources
  • A dedicated Partner Manager to help you close sales
  • Customized “How to Systematize Your Business” webinars
  • Process Documentation Service Training
  • A sample TouchStone account for software demos
  • Premier tech support
  • Access to our partner specialist Trackable links to use in your marketing
  • Discounted subscription fees

A Recent Email from a Consultant

“Ten years ago a good friend of mine told me he wanted to sell his business. He said he wanted at least million bucks for it, to which I replied; For what? His whole business was in his head. I begged. I pleaded, I even offered to pay, If he’d Just get together with you and document all that process knowledge. I told him that without that the business was only worth the cash and hard assets – nowhere near a million bucks, maybe a hundred grand on a good day.

Wow, did he get mad. I almost lost a friend over that one.

Now the day has come. He’s had at least a dozen interested parties look at he business. Best offer: $75k. Thirty years of work and all he built was aloe He admits now that he should’ve taken my advise but for him was too late.

Documenting business processes helps create a business that works, but It also creates business value. Given the demographics, this is a major Why.

I wanted to share this story with you because It shows how Important The TouchStone Business System -literally the difference between a job and a business, success or “failure”.

Best to you – JB”


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