TouchStone turns every process and procedure in your business into simple, trackable tools that make it easy to train, manage and scale knowledge for growth.

  • Organize
    Never misplace or lose your documented processes and training's ever again. Improve usability and accessibility with a holistic process hierarchy that drills down to specific work plans and tasks, checklists, documents, video and audio training. Processes then link to positions on your organizational chart, creating dynamic job descriptions and operating manuals for every position on your org chart
  • Document
    Outline and create processes with easy to use templates. Access best business practices from our libraries of processes.
  • Manage
    Manage employees with documented processes. Improve employee performance and accountability with Management Review. Ensure tasks, checklists and documents are completed. Run reports, review process notes and focus on innovation and performance.
  • Implement
    Train and your employees and maintain consistent, efficient work results using documented processes. Processes are accessed and used in Control Panels and Reports. Ensure process compliance and enforce policies.

Stop wasting time searching through scattered Google Docs and computer drives looking for that SOP you saw 6 months ago.

All of your processes are at your fingertips.

TouchStone’s easy to use interface makes process organization and accessibility flawless.

Instead of answering the same questions and explaining the same processes over and over, make it easy for employees to access all the information they need to do their job right the first time. 

FREE 5 Steps Course

We've developed a FREE 5 Step Course to assist you in the creation of your process dependent business.

If you have a growing business and you're challenged getting your operating procedures implemented in such a way that it's easy to train and manage employees then this course is for you...

How do you get started?

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