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In March, I received an email from Greg Gunther about their Done For You process writing service. The email talked about how in 3 months Greg can get a businesses’ mission critical processes documented.

That sounded pretty interesting to me so I got back in touch with Greg to see if this was a service we could offer our clients.

And it is!

Greg and I did a webinar together last week introducing this new service.

We started out with a few questions. I asked Greg about his experience implementing processes.

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Then we jumped into a presentation of his DONE FOR YOU process writing service.

To watch the full presentation, including the Critical Client Flow exercise in real time, click below…

Here are some specific sections of the presentation :
0:13 – End of Questions and Answers introducing Greg Gunther
0:52 – Start of Critical Client Flow Exercise

To get a copy of The Critical Client Flow document, CLICK HERE

Greg Gunther and Joshna Daya are partners in an Australian company called Your Business Momentum. One of their strengths as coaches is turning that raw emotion of business ownership, and the challenges that come along with it, into simple tactical strategies to create a path to success.

Unlike most consultant/coaches, and I agree with this completely, they don’t sit on the sidelines and tell you what to do. They get right in there with you and walk you through it, together to create and document effective business processes that elevate customer loyalty, profitability and growth in your business.

Systemize Your Organization Quickly and Easily

– Create your dynamic org chart
– Download pre-built processes
– More than 100  free templates
– Link them to your org chart
– Create position specific operating manuals
– Use them to streamline your activities
– Free startup meeting
– Unlimited support

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