How to Get Your Processes Implemented… a Huge Discount

In 2004, I took off with my wife Katrina, and my son Max for a year long epic adventure. We spent almost 14 months travelling around the world in Europe, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, and many more places.

When I returned, my business was still humming along as if I’d never left.

How does that happen, you might say…

Well, we had processes. Everyone knew what to do and what was expected of them.

This could be your story too.

We speak with a lot of business owners who aren’t achieving the freedom and control they had hoped for when they started their business.

In fact, for many of them, as business owners things keep getting more chaotic and out of control as they grow.

Business isn’t that much fun anymore. They’re working hard, grinding it out, first in and last out. Their income isn’t nearly what they had expected it would be.

You can do something about that… [FIND OUT HOW]

I’m offering a super affordable course, delivered in a step by simple step format on HOW to Systematize Your Business, so you can get the freedom and control that you hoped for when you started your business.

But I’m not quite ready to release the course for sale. I want to run some people through it first. Hence my invitation to you to be one of the first to beta test this program at an even further reduced discount.

We don’t normally discount our programs but we want to make this affordable for anyone – something that will fit into everyone’s time and money budget.

If you’re interested in being one of my beta testers, I’m offering the course right now for a 40% discount.

That’s a $400 discount.

But you have to decide now. This offer ends on Tuesday July 13th. And I’m only looking for a few business owners to give this program a test drive.

If you [CLICK TO JOIN], you’ll access the page which will eventually be used to launch The SystemsScaping Course later this month.

I’ve modified the order form to instantly apply the beta test discount offer.

If you click to join before the July 12th deadline, you’ll get your $400 discount. After July 12th, the beta test discount goes away.

Do it now. This offer is limited and time sensitive.

Talk soon,
– Michael.

  • PS > This discounted price is the LOWEST rate we have EVER offered a service like this. This is your best chance ever to try out getting your business to be process dependent.

Systemize Your Organization Quickly and Easily

– Create your dynamic org chart
– Download pre-built processes
– More than 100  free templates
– Link them to your org chart
– Create position specific operating manuals
– Use them to streamline your activities
– Free startup meeting
– Unlimited support

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