Get Those Processes Out of Your Head

I speak to a lot of entrepreneurs.

I almost always ask them if they have any of their processes documented. Most reply; “Yes. But they’re all in my head. I haven’t written them down yet.

But are they really? How well do you really know that process that’s in your head? Can you write it down?

It’s an interesting question because, when it comes to writing that process down, the one that’s in your head, well – it might not be as easy as you think.

Here’s a quick test.

My guess is you have a process for following up on leads to qualify them. If you don’t have one, let’s create one. We’ll call this process The Qualification Call.

And I’m guessing, if you’re the one following up with leads, and it’s not written down, you are probably using a Qualification Call process that’s in your head.

Watch the video and let me know how well you do getting this process out of your head and written down. I’ve got a template for you to help you get started.

Let me know how you did. Leave me a comment or send me an email reply.

AND – If you’d like some help getting this super important and valuable process out of your head, [CLICK THIS LINK] and schedule some time with me – we can do it together.

I look forward to hearing from you…

  • Michael.

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