The Importance of VISION …

We speak to hundreds and hundreds of business owners ever year who are interested in creating a process dependent business.

One of the questions we almost always asked is; “How do you see your business 5 to 7 years from now – what is your vision?

So few of them have actually gone through the exercise of writing this down and using it to scale their organization.

And it is such a valuable tool.

The Importance of VISION in creating a Process Dependent Business

If you don’t believe your vision is a key part of building a process dependent business, watch this video.

NOTE: My apologies for the resolution.
This video is cut from one of the recordings of our SystemsScaping Business Systemization courses. The video, where I cut this clip, was a screen capture. I had just demonstrated how to download one of the pre-written processes that we share in the course. The actual picture of me was a tiny box in the top right corner of my monitor and I zoomed in on it for this clip so you didn’t have to stare at a static process for 9 minutes.

But the video explains, with stories, the importance of having a documented vision and how you’ll use it in building your very own process defendant business.

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