How to Implement Processes… so employees know what’s expected of them and how to achieve those expectations…

I had a Zoom call with a client last week. I recorded the call. Our client was frustrated because they’d spent a lot of time getting their processes written up but they weren’t implemented, they weren’t being used.

I asked if I could record the call because it is an issue experienced by at least 90% or more of the businesses we speak with who are trying to get their business Process Dependent.

How do you implement?

  • How do you enroll your team in this new way?
  • How do you get your people to follow your processes?
  • How do you keep those processes current?

The video above is the recording of that call – my candid conversation with our client about why most businesses fail to implement their S.O.P.’s and what to do about it. (It’s a one-sided conversation – I only recorded my part of the conversation to keep the client anonymous.)

I’m speaking about process implementation using the metaphor of a 3 legged stool; 

  1. You need great people – your TEAM
  2. You need documented instructions for training and management – your PROCESSES
  3. And the 3rd leg is CULTUREThe way you do it there…


If you don’t have all 3 legs, the stool, your business, can’t stand alone, independent of you and your key people.

There are 6 key processes I list in the call;

  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • On-Boarding and Orientation
  • Training
  • Evaluations
  • Manager Meetings
  • Task Delegation


I hope you enjoy this rather candid and scrappy conversation and the link will also give you some information on a Process Implementation Workshop that we’re running in October.

If you’re having challenges getting your processes implemented, you might want to check it out.

Please, leave me a comment below. I respond to every comment we receive and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

 – Michael Mills

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