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Handling a business can be hard; especially when everything is out of place. When that is the case, almost everything in your business could end in failure. The only way to get through this is by having structure. You need to set things in order to find them more efficiently and work with them more effectively. And in this modern day and age, the best tool to do this task is an SOP management software, which stands for Standard Operating Procedure.

SOP management software is a computer program that organizes your business’ ongoing procedures. It creates structure out of what it captures from your business in a format designed by the company from where the SOP management software came from. If you are here looking for the best SOP software, then we can confirm that you are in the right place. Here at Business Design Corporation, we have developed one of the best SOP software out there as well as an SOP writing software. Below are the things you need to know:

TouchStone Business System

The best SOP software or SOP management software we have here at Business Design Corporation is the Touchstone Business system. It is primarily built to help small business’ biggest problems by keeping their procedures and other important documentation on track with the help of our SOP writing software. The following are the tasks done by our best SOP software, TouchStone Business System:

Organization – this includes creating a structure of your documented processes and training through work plans and checklists

Document – outlines processes with easy to use templates

Management – oversee and manage employees in areas such as performance and accountability

Implementation – train and maintain work consistency among employees

Furthermore, our best SOF software or SOP management software includes the SOP writing software. What this does is get your processes well documented and written. You as well as other members of your staff will be able to work online with trained Process Engineers to write your processes. So you can be assured that with the SOP writing software, you will be hands-on with your business. You can watch everything unfold in front of you while learning about the system.

TouchStone Business System is different from other software

So how does our best SOP software differ from other software? The TouchStone Business System is the perfect combination of policies and procedures that streamline different tasks within an organization. It also has tools that allow a group to manage workload and provide training to employees.
As an SOP management software, TouchStone Business system is the one-stop solution that can serve as a company’s operation manual.


Writing company policies and procedures is a very difficult task. It entails a lot of technicalities and many organizations don’t know what to include and where to start. With the inclusion of the SOP writing software, the TouchStone Business system makes policies easy to construct. It already comes with a library of pre-existing procedures that you can use as templates. The software is intuitive which makes it easy for non-technical employees to use.


The templates included in the software can be customized to suit the needs of a company. As the best SOP software, TouchStone offers a simple way of incorporating your company processes including management, documentation, and implementation of the procedures. Unlike other SOP software, what we offer gives organizations the total freedom of using the system without hidden costs.

Most of all, the customization does not overkill a company’s cloud-based system. It works in synergy with other software and truly made for corporate purposes. Everything in the comfort of your fingertips.

A complete package

With our SOP management software, you no longer have to purchase another system to accomplish other tasks. The TouchStone Business software will serve as a work assignment tool, business procedure writer, and a training platform for employees. Business owners can also enroll their employees into the system so they can write their own policies and submit it for approval.

You no longer have to spend hours of manually performing the mentioned tasks. Our SOP software will be the complete package so you can focus more on other matters concerning your business.

Convenient work assignment

Companies who have to deal with myriads of tasks can use the TouchStone Business system as a tool for assigning work responsibilities. This makes the process inside the organization more streamlined and clear for the employees. With that, work hours are utilized for the accomplishment of tasks by avoiding duplication and redundancy.

Our software is a know-how tool that saves organizations from the headache of managing employees and checking for their accountability. You can have an eye on checklists, tasks, and documents to ensure that everything is done on time.

Excellent for small businesses

Small organizations who can’t afford to hire writers and pay expensive software will benefit from this SOP software for small business. The TouchStone Business System promotes productivity through enhanced team communication, quality control, and collaboration.

Our software will give you a quick-start on writing your policies and implementing it within the company. All the templates included in the software are created by our experienced process engineers. Managing a business will be easier with the help of our SOP software. It is easy to use and you can also let employees participate within the system.

Systemize Your Organization Quickly and Easily

– Create your dynamic org chart
– Download pre-built processes
– More than 100  free templates
– Link them to your org chart
– Create position specific operating manuals
– Use them to streamline your activities
– Free startup meeting
– Unlimited support

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