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TouchStone is a process development and management solution made exclusively for small business.

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"Best tool available for getting your S.O.P’ s implemented"

Dave Earl, Project Manager Carr's Construction Service


What Our Customers Have to Say

Touchstone allows us to create, organize and refine our processes. It is an invaluable tool for our business and something we utilize daily.

David S. | Chief Viral Officer

Could not run a business without it. It is the only tool to properly organize a business & its systems. Google drive, dropbox etc do not work like Touchstone does!

Brad C. | Managing Director

The Touchstone system teaches how important structure is in an organization and sets responsibilities for each job level in the dealership.

Kathleen W. Comptroller I COS

I have cut my training time down by two-thirds to create productive employees. It now takes 1 month instead of three.

Ian M. | CEO

Easiest way I’ve found to create and organize systems.

Martin H. Business | Coach

Organizations that work more effectively with TouchStone

Build a Process Dependent Business with Touchstone
More of What Our Customers Have to Say​

Working with Touchstone is fantastic. The software is robust, intuitive and really has a lot to offer. The more you interact with the software, the more you realize how much it can keep your business on track. It overlooks nothing.

Scott Kuperman | President

This has by far been the most beneficial thing that I’ve done since starting this journey of how do I run a law firm, how do I become a manager to people, how do I support employees.”

Darren │ Firm owner​

We’re in a state of a lot of growth and this gives us the ability to visualize how our business is getting built. It’s a really powerful tool. The system outlines everything, the big picture, the structure, the processes.

David │ President

It’s a great road map. When we started, it was very chaotic. This gave us a method to set it all up. It just doesn’t seem so overwhelming now.

Andrea C │ Managing Partner

It’s been especially valuable in defining our roles and implementing our processes. Previously, we heard about frustrations; who do I report to directly and what does my job really entail and when am I taking on stuff that isn’t actually intended to be my responsibility. This gives us a place to consolidate our processes and give everyone access to the things that they actually need to do their job.

Lindsay │ Managing Atty

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