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Process Improvement
David Steel, Chief Viral Officer, Sneeze It
Pros: Touchstone allows us to create, organize and refine our processes. It is an invaluable tool for our business and something we utilize daily.
The Power Of Processes
Ian Marsh, CEO, Streetsmart Business School
Pros: I have cut my training time down by two thirds to create productive employees. It now takes 1 month instead of three. There is very little I do not like as I purchased it for its simplicity and it is simple.

Benefits: The support you get from the Touchstone Team is incredible. Whenever you are unsure of anything they are there to resolve your questions.
Touchstone Processes in an Automobile Dealership
Kathleen Willman, Comptroller/COS,Bosak Auto Group
Pros: The Touchstone system teaches how important structure is in an organization and sets responsibilities for each job level in the dealership. The top managers are responsible for those who work under his/her direction and have methods to evaluate the performance of each employee based on the definition of the job and work plans that fall under that position. Job descriptions are actually all of the processes that are assigned to the position. The system not only defines the jobs but allows management to create work plans that have processes clearly listed in sequential order. The system also allows inserting pictures, documents, links to outside sources and many other techniques into the processes. These make excellent training resources and references for employees if they forget a process. So, the system introduces structure, teaching and assessing methods, and job descriptions in a concise organized easily accessed manner. We have only scratched the surface of all that Touchstone can do for our dealerships. We are striving for standardization of all the jobs at all of the stores so that employees can move from store to store and feel comfortable at each one.

Benefits: Job definitions are very important, teaching new employees and evaluating their progress in areas such as sales and customer service, and standardization of jobs throughout our organization are all possible with the Touchstone system. The support from the Touchstone cannot be outdone by any other. Weekly tutoring by a Touchstone instructor and web based tutorials are available. Tutorials are updated often. There are also easily accessible examples of other business plans that can be incorporated into a new customer's plan.
Member Services Representative
Darlene Hohn, MSR, PILMMA LLC
Pros: Offers our members the ground work of polices and procedures for their law firms.
The Best in the Industry
Scott Kuperman, President, Paint Platoon USA Con
Pros: Working with Touchstone is fantastic. The software is really robust, intuitive and really has a lot to offer. The more you interact with the software, the more you realize how much it can keep your business on track. It overlooks nothing. I like everything about it. If it doesn't work for you, you simply aren't using the software enough.

Benefits: Touchstone really covers all bases of your business. It covers everything that you would learn in places such as E-Myth and more. It allows you to see areas of your business where you should and could systematize, develop processes and systems and document them. Even areas of your business that you may not have been paying attention to or been aware of will be brought to your attention. The best part of working with Touchstone is the staff. It becomes obvious quickly, that the staff cares about the experience if their clients. They are always ready to help.
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