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Touchstone is an amazing Tool
Christopher Patrick, COO, CKIM Group Inc
Pros: The personal support at Touchstone is great. Touchstone's library of sample process is extremely helpful. To have all of our documents, processes and documentation for the company in one place is more than we can ask for. Plus the ability to upload documents, Videos to add in training is extremely useful. Michael and Shannon created Training videos, webinars with a clear structure to locate the needed resources. Most of all it is in sync with the Emyth Program we are following.

Benefits: We are solving the lack of systems documentation in our business. The biggest benefits are:
1. Each position in the company has its strategic, tactical, job description, policies, training, workflow clearly outlined.
2. We can make changes at any time and not worry.

We are loving it.
I Recommend Touchstone to my Clients
Robert Garibay, Business Growth Expert,Clarity Pro
Pros: I like the software's comprehensiveness, ease of use, systems library for editing to accelerate completion. Like any software, the user must be dedicated to using it, although Business Design Corp offers systems writing for those who are not equipped to complete the systemization on their own.

Benefits: My clients solve the problem of inconsistent performance and being a prisoner of their own business.
Company that understands how to grow your business
Lawrence Alexander, President, UED
Pros: This software along with the training, helped to take my business from a hard to control business into a process driven business.

Benefits: It's helping me turn my business into a process driven business that I have more control over and the staff at Business Design Corporation have been wonderful to work with.
Could not run a business without it...
Brad Crompton, Managing Director, VBS Group
Pros: It is the only tool to properly organize a business & its procedures. Google drive, dropbox etc do not work like Touchstone does!

Benefits; We use it to organize our business as well as our clients. We always look at a business as a chain with many systems and processes throughout it and without Touchstone there is no other way to organize, train, hold accountable and properly grow a business. We have tried over 30 years and Touchstone is the hands down winner!
A System for Writing Systems
Martin Holland, Owner, Anneal Business Coaching
Pros: Easiest way I've found to create and organize systems.

Benefits: Touchstone makes one of the most important activities in business easy. Every business needs systems to do well and touchstone is a system for writing systems.
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