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Want to learn TouchStone better? Find the help you need to focus on process documentation, make the most out of your time, and shape your business into a scaleable systematized revenue engine. Get more out of TouchStone with one-on-one process development, live group training sessions, virtual support, downloadable pre-built processes, webinars, or even work with a process engineer who will document processes for you.


Quick Start

The Quick Start Program is designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible WHILE you are working in your business. One of our certified consultants will meet with you and your staff to build the systemic infrastructure of your business. This will include:

Creating your Organization Chart
Identifying, organizing and prioritizing your procedure list
Creating Job Descriptions for each position on your Org Chart

Process Writing Services

Process Writing Services

Studies show that having documented operating processes and job descriptions can double the value of your business. The challenge is getting them documented?

Process Migration

Process Migration

We will take your existing processes and policies and enter them into TouchStone for you.

You’re first 5 processes are FREE!


Live Technical Trainings

Each week we will be training a specific function in TouchStone and showcasing a pre-written process from our libraries.


Resource Center

Access user guides and step by step how to’s for Touchstone. Also, enjoy small business strategy webinars and articles, technical training webinars, highlights from our process libraries, and more to help you create a process dependent business.

Contact Support

Get direct access to a TouchStone expert. Your questions are important to us.

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Why Your Organization Needs Standard Operating Procedures Software

It provides consistency

With SOP documentation software, each employee can perform each task based on consistent standards. There would be no guesswork since everything is well documented on the platform. It also improves the quality of work.

It helps you reduce operational errors

Using the best small business SOP management software, you can set specific instructions on how to perform a task. This will let anyone take over a task whenever the original assignee can’t attend to it. It will reduce expensive errors along the way.

It allows your team to communicate

With organizational software for small business, your employees can communicate and access instructions at the same time. This saves time and resources, especially for small-scale businesses. Also, SOPs get updated as new information is acquired.

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Never lose a document anymore

All of your company or organization’s important guides and manuals are deposited in SOP documentation software. This way, you won’t lose any documentation, information, or knowledge over the years. This makes training very easy.

Implement SOPs faster and efficiently

Instead of printing hard copies and distributing it manually, you can implement your SOP more quickly using the best small business SOP management software. Also, your employees won’t have any excuse when it comes to following company rules.

Get each member accountable

Using the SOP software, you can monitor the performance of each employee. Use checklists and notes to identify which members aren’t meeting deadlines. You can also quickly mitigate problems by encoding new inputs on your SOP.