Processes in the Hands of Your Employees in Minutes

TouchStone is the original application for process organization. Software and services to get your SOP’s organized and implemented simplifying training and management. All of your business knowledge, all in one place, accessible to exactly the right people who need it when they want it.

Your Solution for Simplifying and Mastering SOP Management in Your Business

The General Process Library

A list of pre-written processes for all of the key functions in your business that you can download, edit and implement immediately.

Process Assignment

Assign processes for pre-training so your new employee has a better chance to prepare and get to know their stuff.

Integrated A.I. Process Generator

Integrated ChatGPT functionality generates processes for you. Make a request and watch as it turns your thoughts in a first draft.

Training Tracker

As each process is trained it is noted and time stamped. You only need to explain instructions to new employee once.

See TouchStone in Action

Integrating People, Processes and Position

Lisa W.

The Best Systemization Company

I have looked at several different products, but I always went back to Touchstone. Most companies charge by the number of employees, but Touchstone has one price and you don’t have to worry about that price changing. The system is easy to use and the training is amazing. If you want an one stop shop for your business, Touchstone is the system you want to use. You will not regret your decision to use them.

Rob G.

Been Recommending TouchStone to My Clients for Over 12 years

It accelerates building leverage and consistency throughout the organization. I especially like the “already done for you library” that allows clients to leverage what has already been written to accelerate the systems writing.

Phil P.

Organizes My Business

Working with the Touchstone team was well worth the investment. They understand what it takes to effectively operate a business and they have created the software to help you do it. If you’re a business owner or manager struggling with systems and processes I would highly recommend The TouchStone Business System.


I’m Your Biggest Fan

I will tell you from my standpoint, as the business owner, of doing this for almost 30 years, I needed this. It’s so necessary. I wish I’d done it years ago.

Now, as I’m growing and wanting to expand, it’s absolutely crucial that we get these things in place.

I will always be the biggest recommendation as somebody who can speak to the virtues of everything you’re doing in Touchstone.

Always know that I’ll be your biggest fan.

John L.

On the One-on-One Process

(downloaded from the process library)

In our business, which is a people business, nothing is more important than listening to your staff.

And this process makes that happen consistently and in a positive, organized fashion.

It’s a simple, easy way to hold managers accountable and all of us accountable.

It’s been really transformational for me.


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