Can't Find Your Processes?
They're all over the place - in all different formats?

Get out of the CHAOS - Get into CONSISTENCY
How to Consolidate and Organize Your Processes

If you've been writing processes chances are they're all over the place, on Google Drives, on people's laptops, hidden away on a network drive.

And they're probably in all different formats like word docs, checklists, PDF files, video and audio files, maybe even 3 ring binders.

In this video, I'll show you how you can consolidate all of these related elements into one process and organize them in Four Key Functions

Get your processes organized and scale your business quickly and easily.

In the 1st video I described to you that to have a process-dependent business, to get out of the chaos and create some consistency, you need to implement processes. That’s show you’ll create some freedom for yourself in your business. And I showed you how to write a process, the do’s and don’ts.

Here’s the first video just in case you missed it, or maybe you’d like to watch it again.

But your processes are often more than just a document. They will usually include spreadsheets, videos, flow charts, audios, checklists …
Once again this will lead to overwhelm and all of your process documentation effort turns into a big and useless mess – S.O.P. CHAOS.
In this second video, I showed you how to consolidate relevant process components under one process name to minimize the mess and then organize them into 4 folders – the 4 key functions that happen in a business.
So now that you have a bunch of processes written, and you’ve got them consolidated and organized, how do you make them easily available to your employees? Not everyone needs everything, right?

If employees can’t find the process they need quickly, immediately as they need it, they’re not going to bother and once again all that time and effort in getting your processes written and organized is lost. You’ve lost the consistency and the control.

If employees, and their managers, can find their processes quickly, at the click of button, just the ones they need, you’ll have a super easy training plan and an effective management system …

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Click the image above and download a spreadsheet of process names that you can use to build a template of processes for your own business.


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