Nobody's Going to Follow Your Processes
If They Can't Be Found Quickly and Easily

Get out of the CHAOS - Get into CONSISTENCY
How to Get the Right Process in Front of the Right Employees
to create an easy training plan and an efficient management system

You've got your processes organized. But how do you make sure you get exactly the right processes in front of exactly the right employees?

Your staff should not have to hunt for the processes they need. They should be available to them at the click of a mouse button. It simplifies and expedites training so your employees get up to speed faster.

In this video, I'll show you how to link specific processes to specific roles in your organization - how you'll integrate your org chart, your processes and your employees and create a quick and effective training plan and employee management system.

Make it simple for your employees and scale your business quickly & easily.

In the 2nd video, I showed you how to take volumes of processes, consolidate them into simple process names and organize them into four key functions – the four key functions of every business. The goal is to minimize the total amount of content to make your processes easier to use and easier to find.

Here’s the second video just in case you missed it, or maybe you’d like to watch it again.

So now that you have your processes written, and you’ve got them consolidated and organized, how do you make them easily available to your employees? 

Not everyone needs everything, right? They only need the processes that are relevant to their role in your organization.

When a new employee starts, their manager wants to get the training done as quickly and easily as possible. What would it be like if they could click on the employee’s role and all the processes needed for their training and management were available?

In this video, I address the issue of getting the right processes in front of the right employees so they have easy access to what they need to get the job done right.

What this means for you, is you’ll have a quick and easy training plan and an effective employee management system. Enjoy your freedom!

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In the next video, I’m going to open up a program, and I’ll be taking on a limited number of entrepreneurs who want to go deeper – to actually create the foundation of their very own process-dependent business.

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