Why Choose Us

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Business Design Corporation is keen on promoting a systemized and process-dependent workplace. Unlike other companies, we are focused on improving your business’ productivity regardless of industry. From large company to small business SOP management software, we can provide it for you.

We offer TouchStone, an SOP creation software that intends to be a one-stop process building platform. It streamlines everything that you need to build seamless and effective procedures.

Thanks to business process documentation software, you can now store and update your manuals and guides in a snap. No need for manual printing and bookkeeping. All of the SOPs will be stored in a system that all of your employees can access.

Moreover, you can edit the access points in case there are procedures exclusive only for certain individuals.

We offer all of these at a very competitive price that even small businesses can afford.

What Makes Our Organizational Software For Small Business So Unique?

Using our business process documentation software, you will have practical know-how right at your fingertips — no need to access thick hard copies or ask someone for a copy of your business’ processes.

Our TouchStone software lets you organize, update, and create SOP at the comforts of your computer. You can also let other employees access the system, making it easy to implement and receive feedback in real time.

By organizing your business using our organizational software for small businesses, you can reduce operational costs.

Aside from this, this platform will also let all employees communicate with each other without the need for separate software.

This makes it ideal for small businesses that look for ways to save resources.
sop management software

Why Systemize with TouchStone Software?

Our TouchStone software is backed by 15 years of technological developments. Many small businesses have recorded success with their use of this best small business SOP management software.

But why choose TouchStone? Here are some of the benefits:


Using our software, you can manage your employees through the use of a documented process. It will help you track their performance via checklists and documents they have completed.

You can also run reports and process notes for your business’ operation.


With TouchStone you won’t lose any of your important documents. All the training resources and manuals will be stored in a single place in which new employees can access at any time. This cuts the time needed for briefing while preventing guesswork.

You can also improve your employees’ knowledge by outlining clear job descriptions among other content.


There's no need to use a separate platform just to create and process your SOP. TouchStone has templates that you can use at your disposal. That’s what makes it stand out as an SOP creation software. These documents can be accessed in the library you will create.


Make implementation a total breeze with full company access. It will help you train employees and check their consistency at the same time. Dissemination of information also becomes a less burdensome task.